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Mimi Temporary Tattoo 3 SetsBijoux-Logo

These temporary circular tattoos adapt to all kinds of breasts and enhance them. They retain the iconic classic Mimi shape, sensually decorating the skin and highlighting the beauty of the female body.

- A set involving 3x2 temporary tattoos in different colours: gold, silver and copper.
- Metallic colours that stand out on any skin tone.
- Easy to use: use the removable central circle if you want to apply them to your breasts.
- Suitable for any area of the skin, except around the eyes and mucous membranes.
- Mimi lasts for an average of 4 days.
- Easy to remove: the tattoos wear off over time or can be removed using a drop of cleansing lotion.
- Mimi <3 Summer! These skin decorations look great with swimwear and your best festival looks.
- Unique design.



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