Pipedream - Remote Control Performance Pro

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Remote Control Performance Pro von Pipedream C-Ringz (USA)

The days of fighting over the remote are over. Introducing the Remote Control Performance Pro, the amazing professional-grade ring that puts your partner in total control of the fun. Driven by an RC frequency that works up to 25 feet, this wireless wonder is the ultimate dual-action enhancement ring. Take control of the remote yourself or surrender it to your partner and give them total control. The wireless remote allows you to cycle through 20 thrilling pulsation patterns to find a function that?s just right for you. You control when and how often the bullet vibrates, while you both enjoy the kind of sex you?ve only dreamt about.



Artikel-Nr.: 3000012775   EAN:
Hersteller: Pipedream Fantasy C-Ringz   Material: Silikon
Farbe: schwarz      


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