Giddy Up Harness

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Giddy Up Harness von Fetish Fantasy Series by Pipedream (USA)
Try new positions you never thought were possible and get deeper penetration than ever before with the amazing Giddy-Up Harness. This simple nylon position strap features padded shoulder and neck supports and easy-grip handles, giving the user total control of the speed, force, and depth of each thrust. The padded strap comfortably wraps around your partner’s shoulders and neck, giving you complete control of their torso for incredible penetration.

With the "love reins" in hand, pull your partner closer to you and get deeper than ever before. As you pull your hips back, your partner will enjoy an effortless bouncing sensation with each thrust. The versatile harness gives you greater thrusting power and puts you in charge of the rhythm and range of motion. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the best doggie-style sex you ever imagined!

-Try New Positions You Never Thought Were Possible
-Soft Cushioned Neck & Shoulder Support
-Durable Woven Utility Straps & Handles
-Free Satin Love Mask


Artikel-Nr.: 3000010797   EAN: 0603912334005
Hersteller: Pipedream   Farbe: Schwarz


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