Beginners Open Mouth Gag

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Beginners Open Mouth Gag von Fetish Fantasy Series by Pipedream (USA)
Open wide and "Say Ahhh!" with the Beginner's Open Mouth Gag!  This sexy o-ring gag is made for first-timers and features a 1.75"(4.4 cm) inside diameter. With the sturdy ring gag held securely between their jaw, your subject won't be able to say a word, while their mouth is propped wide open and easily accessible!

The metal ring gag is wrapped in vinyl and secured in place with an adjustable vinyl head strap and metal buckle. Pull the straps tight and your subjects mouth will magically stay open for you to do as you please!

What happens next is up to you!

-Adjustable Vinyl Headstrap with Vinyl Covered O-Ring
-Keeps Mouth Open Wide
-Perfect for Beginners
-Free Satin Love Mask


Artikel-Nr.: 3000010796   EAN: 0603912329599
Hersteller: Pipedream   Farbe: Schwarz


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