Bondage Tape

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Bondage Tape von Fetish Fantasy Series by Pipedream (USA)
With this non-sticky bondage tape by your side, you'll always be ready for some sexy bondage fun. This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. It's perfect for the novice and the fetish aficionado alike. Bondage Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It's easy to use and visually stunning. Wrap your lover up tonight, it's bound to please you both!

Approximately 2" wide by 35' length.

Won’t Stick to Body Hair
Wrap it Over and Over Again.


Artikel-Nr.: 3000009752   EAN: 0603912320275
Hersteller: Pipedream   Farbe: Schwarz


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