Jaz Whip Dildo

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Jaz Whip Dildo Made in France (Paris)diogol-logo

This whip with a refined design in aluminium offers an easy grip and can also be used as a dildo. The straps are soft and made of cotton, so it's an animal friendly product and easy to recycle.

- Material: Aluminium 6060
- 100% conform European medical standards
- Easy to clean with soft soap. The strap is made of soft waxed cotton, don't dry it on the radiator
- Dildo diameter: 40 mm (large part), length 130 mm
- Weight: 240 g
- Strap: diameter 2 mm, length 400 mm


Artikel-Nr.: E28170   EAN: 3760228972714
Hersteller: Diogol   Material: Aluminium
Farbe: schwarz      



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