Heavy Duty Position Master

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Heavy Duty Position Master von Fetish Fantasy Series by Pipedream (USA)
Take your Fetish Fantasy to the next level by challenging your physical limits with the Heavy Duty Position Master! Simply place the harness over your shoulders and snap the adjustable strap just below your chest. The sturdy thigh cuffs clip right to the harness, positioning your legs at the perfect angle for a hard pounding while holding your legs firmly in place so they don’t tire when things are heating up. The harness also provides a sturdy grip so your partner can hold on for a wild ride, and features wrist cuffs to ensure that you won’t escape anytime soon. All cuffs are easily adjustable to fit most sizes with velcro straps, and the chest harness adjusts with a simple tug. Now assume the position and be the master of your next encounter!


  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Harness
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Wrist and Thigh Cuffs
  • Free Satin Love Mask


Artikel-Nr.: 3000010798   EAN: 0603912329629
Hersteller: Pipedream   Farbe: Schwarz


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